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Learn why People are calling E-Tempest,
“The Leading Software for the Hurricane Protection Industry”
The Accordion Calculator 2.0 doubled our production...
The material savings are tremendous.
“Over the many years I have worked building shutters, I have never seen a manufacturing tool as efficient and easy to use as E-Tempest's Accordion Calculator.
When we applied this tool in our manufacturing facility it doubled our production with the same space and personnel. On top of that, the Cut Optimizer has made cutting easier and the material savings are tremendous.
I highly recommend any manufacturer of shutters take a serious look at the E-Tempest system.
- Cliff Yates, (Ft. Myers, FL)
E-Tempest Office Tools
E-Tempest Office Tools
Quoting Tool (Version 2.0)
Quickly Produce Professional Quotes
Version 2.0 of the E-Tempest Quote Tool implements many of the most frequent customer requests. You will find a streamlined setup system, better support for multiple price lists and a powerful Pricing Analysis System built into the core of the new Quoting Tool.
Permit Tool (Version 2.0)
Permit your Shutter Jobs in over 170 Municipalities
Version 2.0 now has over 170 Municipalities and counting! Version 2.0 streamlined the data entry procedures making it possible to finish a permit application in under 4 minutes start to finish. Added support for having customers sign blank forms and having them filled in by the system later. Mapping Capabilities have been added by integrating E-Tempest with Google Maps.
Quickly Draw Floor Plans with Opening Schedules
A powerful tool for designing and printing floor plans for use with your quotes and permits. You'll be able to create a professional drawing in a matter of minutes. Include openings, identify types of protection and indicate egress/front door details all with the click of a button.
ASCE 7-10 Site Specific Wind Load Charts
Recent Changes to the Design Pressure Tool have streamlined the Entry Screen and added the ability to order 'Signed and Sealed' versions of your Design Pressure Reports delivered via Fed-Ex from our Engineering Partners.
Manufacturing Tools
Manufacturing Tools
Expect 98% Yield with our Multi-Pass Cut Optimizer
The E-Tempest Cutting Optimizer uses powerful Multi-Pass Optimization Technology to drive material utilization over 98%. Factor in existing Drops and Various Material Lengths with this powerful tool. Fully Integrated into all Shutter Calculators.
Design, Cost, Order and Cut Any Accordion Shutter
Our most advanced Shutter Calculator has added many features since the release of version 2.0. The addition of the Opening Type system both sped up order entry and enhanced the accuracy of determining Final Shutter Size. The addition of non-material elements to the costing and pricing system enabled a more complete picture of both profit and margin. Expect to see support added for Track O.C. Calculations in the coming months.
Panel Purchase Orders and Track Cut Sheets for Any Panel Job
The E-Tempest Storm Panel Optimizer takes a tedious job, eliminates the mistakes and makes it simple. Enter your opening size, select horizontal or vertical, pick your tracks, then press a button...That is all it takes to generate Purchase Orders, Costing Reports and Optimized Track Cut Sheets.
A Powerful Calculator to Design, Order and Assemble Roll Shutters
The new Roll Shutter Manufacturing System draws from all of our past knowledge and experience with Shutter Calculators. What can you expect from taking the best from the Accordion Manufacturing System v2.0 and applying it to Roll Shutters? A powerful and flexible setup system, detailed costing reports, optimized cut sheets and easy to follow assembly reports.