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A complete business solution for any shutter company... One of the Best.
“In reviewing the E-Tempest Software Program for the Hurricane Protection Industry, I found that it provides a complete business solution for any shutter company. E-Tempest is a powerful application suite that efficiently handles Permitting, Quoting and Fabrication.
Their new cost tracking features and Engineering Services make this system one of the best business solutions for the Hurricane Protection Industry.”
- Frank Storms, Founder IHPA | President Ocean Shutters Manufacturing, Inc. (Deerfield Beach, FL)
The Accordion Calculator 2.0 doubled our production...
The material savings are tremendous.
“Over the many years I have worked building shutters, I have never seen a manufacturing tool as efficient and easy to use as E-Tempest's Accordion Calculator.
When we applied this tool in our manufacturing facility it doubled our production with the same space and personnel. On top of that, the Cut Optimizer has made cutting easier and the material savings are tremendous.
I highly recommend any manufacturer of shutters take a serious look at the E-Tempest system.
- Cliff Yates, (Ft. Myers, FL)
E-Tempest is the best shutter software... period!
The people at E-Tempest are really great at responding to customer questions and requests. It is obvious that they really know the shutter industry.
From quoting a job to fabricating shutters, E-Tempest is the best shutter software... period!”
- Robert Altino, Owner Galeforce (Port St. Lucie, FL)
This is truly an amazing tool that will save you time and money... Call them right now!
“I can tell you from experience that the E-Tempest software does everything that they say it does and more. We use it on every computer in our shop.
We use their Engineering Services for all our Design Pressures. Now, with E-Tempest, we get signed and sealed reports delivered in 2 days as standard service.
We also use E-Tempest for all of our production and we save thousands of dollars per month in material using their consolidated cut sheets.
If you are considering E-Tempest, you need to call them right now! This is truly an amazing tool that will save you time and money.”
- Sam Haimovitch, Owner Alpha Hurricane (Sunrise, FL)
Significantly helped our business.
“I have found that the tools provided by the E-Tempest program have significantly helped our business. I really appreciate their timely customer service and response to my ideas. The system is upgraded regularly enabling us to continually improve and solve real business problems.”
- Chris O'Neal, President D&D Aluminum (Hollywood, FL)
You can really count on E-Tempest.
“The guys at E-Tempest really know what it takes to get the job done in the shutter industry. They have thought about the process of building hurricane shutters down to smallest detail. You can really count on them to stay up with the most current changes.”
- George Pagliery, (Miami, FL)
E-Tempest has been there for us, every step of the way.
The people at E-Tempest are great to deal with. Someone always answer the phone whenever we call with questions.
We have implemented E-Tempest in all parts of our company. No matter what we have needed, they have been there every step of the way.
We feel very confident using their software.
- Jim Cote, Production Manager Atlantic Window Systems (West Palm Beach, FL)